What is the world dreaming of?

Hack for Earth Foundation is inviting the world to dream.

Share your dream for the future with us and be part of the #dreamforearth movement!

We Dream – Hack – Build! See the winners from our latest hackathon, where dreams collected here were used as the foundation. Read more at hackforearth.com!

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Let’s Dream for Earth

Everything starts with a dream, even powerful solutions for our future. We welcome all dreams - the big and the small, the local and the global, the ordinary and the wild. Share your dream with the world and join the #dreamforearth movement!

Dream for Earth is an initiative by the non-profit Hack for Earth Foundation

Through citizendriven innovation we create real solutions to the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals. In our process Dream – Hack – Build, the first step is to collect the dreams of the world in #dreamforearth.

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