What is the world dreaming of?

Hack for Earth Foundation is in collaboration with the Swedish Pavilion and the United Nations at Expo 2020 inviting the world to dream.

Share your dream for the future with us and be part of the #dreamforearth movement! All submitted dreams will be on display in the Dream for Earth exhibition at Expo2020 in Dubai.

The Dream for Earth Award winner is announced! See the winning dream and read more about the results of Dream for Earth at the Hack for Earth website.

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Dream for Earth Ambassadors

Dreams from the Citizens of Earth

Dreams aboutfrom

Let’s Dream for Earth

Everything starts with a dream, even powerful solutions for our future. We welcome all dreams - the big and the small, the local and the global, the ordinary and the wild. Share your dream with the world and join the #dreamforearth movement!

In collaboration with the United Nations

The Hack for Earth Foundation is in collaboration with the United Nations at Expo2020, inviting the world to share their dreams connected to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. The goal is to collect as many dreams as possible from every corner of the world, with as much diversity as can be achieved.

Exhibition at Expo2020 Swedish Pavilion in Dubai

All dreams shared at dreamforearth.com will be exhibited in the Swedish Pavilion at the World Expo2020 in Dubai. Using screens and other interactive tools visitors can watch the dreams from the citizens of the world and share their own, just like on this website.

Our Dream for Earth ambassadors

The digital, global campaign will be led by the Dream for Earth Ambassadors – leaders from businesses and organisations in the Hack for Earth partner community along with global thought leaders and role models.

Shaping the Hack for Earth hackathon

All dreams shared in the Dream for Earth campaign will be clustered and analyzed, in order to find out what the citizens of the world believe are the most pressing challenges for our world today.

When we know what the world is dreaming about the most, the Hack for Earth Foundation will together with our partner organisations create a solid foundation for the challenges in the Hack for Earth hackathon.

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